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5 Early Warning Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is the most common type of arthritis diagnosed today. Thousands of people experience inflamed joints due to this condition, which oftentimes prevents them from enjoying life the way they’d like. Many early warning signs of RA are out there. Pay attention to the early warning signs and make an appointment at the local pain management jacksonville fl facility to get a head start on your treatment. Five warning signs of RA that you shouldn’t ignore:

1.    Do you wake up with stiff, achy bones in the morning? Do you need a few good stretches to move well? This is one of the most common signs of RA that a person can experience. Morning joint stiffness can make it hard to get the day started and you should not ignore this sign.

2.    Fatigue is something we all experience now and again. Even before a person is diagnosed with RA, they might feel overexerted more often than the average person.

3.    Joint stiffness during the early morning hours is a common RA sign. Another is joint pain. It is usually accompanied with stiffness, but not always. Joint pain can stand in the way of doing the things that you love each day, but rest assured that the pros at a pain management company have the solution.

4.    Joint swelling is yet another common RA sign that you shouldn’t ignore. When the joints begin to swell, you should heed that there is a problem that needs doctor intervention to intercept quickly.

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5.    Can you no longer move your arms and legs the way you did at one time? Can you not bend and stoop the same way as long ago? This is not only a sign of aging but also a sign that you have or may have RA.